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  • Full automatic tablet packaging system this products from Japan. Ideal solution for dispensing to In-Patient Department. Can be dispensing in Unit - dose or Multi - dose concept which depends on the policy of the hospital. The machine can be printing the detail of prescription on pouch such as name of patient, time to takes the medicine, name of medicine and the bar code etc. The compact design of machine and arranged of cassette in main unit follow the radial of cylinder on dual rotary cassette cylinder which can be save space in the working area. The users can check the operation of the machine on display of the machine. The machine have alert system (sound and message signal) in case the machine malfunctions such as packaging paper empty, thermal ribbon empty, medicine empty, etc., The machine has the high technology in case of the identification and finding of the position cassettes. The monitoring system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) This chip is used for automatic recognition of the cassette position. And also using the barcode system (Bar Code) with together the RFID chip in the refilling process. Recognition ensures correct replenishing between the cassette and medicine bottle. The machine has a special tray to dispensing (DTA: Tablet Adapter) for use with low frequency of drug (not often used), half-dose of drug tablet. Which the machine can be dispensing into each pouch automatically and adjust the length of pouch automatically up to five sizes based on the amount of tablets and can be connected with hospitals information system (HIS)